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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: Oct. 27, 2008

Contact:  Nora Fascenelli – PIO and Media Relations, City of Goodyear



Goodyear Communications Office wins five national awards

3 Savvy Awards and 2 Silver Circle Awards from 3CMA


GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (Oct. 27, 2008) –  The City of Goodyear walked away with five awards for outstanding communications and marketing efforts during the 20th Annual 3CMA Savvy Awards Ceremony in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


3CMA, The City-County Communications and Marketing Association, recognizes and honors the most effective programs in local government with the Savvy Awards.


 Savvy Awards in 3 categories presented to Goodyear

  • Infocus – External Newsletter
  • Infocus – Magazine
  • Marketing Tools – Recruiting Universities


Silver Circle Awards in 2 categories presented to Goodyear

  • The Same Page – Internal Newsletter
  • eSite Employee Intranet – Communications Technology Internal Newsletter


INFOCUS earned two Savvy Awards: one in the category of Printed Publications – External Newsletter for cities with populations of 10,000 to 39,000, and one in the category of Printed Publications – Magazine for cities with populations of 33,000 to 75,000.


Goodyear’s explosive annual growth rate of 16 percent resulted in a “disconnected” newcomer population. Only 46 percent were reading the city’s newsletter, which was distributed as an insert in the local West Valley View newspaper. To inspire community pride, stimulate civic participation among newcomers and match the upscale character of Goodyear, the monthly newsletter was completely revamped last year into an upscale, four-color, 12- to 16-page publication produced completely in-house by the Communications Office. INFOCUS is mailed directly to every household in the city at a total cost of just 53 cents per copy.


INFOCUS has succeeded in building identity and pride in Goodyear. Readership is exceeding expectations, with 89 percent of residents reading it every month and 71 percent reading it cover-to-cover.


INFOCUS is published entirely in-house by the City of Goodyear Communications Office. Editor - Paula Ilardo; Design – Michael Leone; Writer – Nora Fascenelli.


The judges said INFOCUS “is bright and attractive with crisp, clear writing. What a great tool to engage the reader and instill community pride. The slick, eye-catching graphic design, excellent photography and use of different color schemes for each issue are a winning combination in drawing the reader's attention to the informative content throughout the newsletter. This publication hits the mark on all counts. Beautiful job, Goodyear!”


Goodyear’s recruitment of universities was supported by marketing plan and collateral materials created by the Communications Office. The package earned Goodyear a third Savvy Award in the category of Marketing and Tools – Economic Development for cities with populations of 16,000 to 58,000.


With large state universities dominating Arizona, Goodyear Mayor James Cavanaugh made bringing private universities to Goodyear a top priority. He wanted to build a strong, sustainable city and believed universities would be powerful economic drivers, technology centers, and employers. Goodyear, the nation’s fourth-fastest growing suburban city, is only 10 percent developed. Timing was right for universities to consider making Goodyear their home.


Goodyear used innovative recruiting methods, including a Request for Interest, publication of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and a highly publicized  three-day Higher Education Conference that brought city officials together with representatives of several colleges and area developers. As a result, leases have been successfully secured with two universities: Franklin Pierce University of New Hampshire and University of the Incarnate Word of San Antonio.


The judges said that recruiting the universities was “[a] brilliant and educated decision for the Goodyear economy. Their strategic approach to seeking out universities, followed by their higher education conference and a university president’s summit earns them an A+ and, of course, a huge boost for their future economy.”



The Same Page, Goodyear’s monthly employee newsletter, earned a Silver Circle Award in the category of Printed Publications – Internal Newsletter for cities with populations of 46,000 to 101,000. It is distributed to 560 employees and posted on

the Intranet site.


The eye-catching, easy-to-read, four-color newsletter is produced entirely in-house Goodyear’s Communications Office. The Same Page covers a wide variety of subjects, including current personnel policies, wellness programs, upcoming events, birthdays, anniversaries, and awards. It features photos of employees in all departments and mentions employees by name. The publication replaced those pesky “everyone” email messages and is now used as the primary vehicle for “big” announcements by the City Manager and Human Resources Department.


The Same Page is designed and produced in-house by Michael Leone of the Goodyear Communications Office.


Commenting on The Same Page, 3CMA judges said, “Terrific use of color and graphics, short articles, creative name. Love the look. A solid newsletter. Hey Goodyear, we are on the same page too! Great job.”



eSite Employee Intranet earned Goodyear a second Silver Circle Award in the category of Communications Technology – Internal Newsletter for cities with populations of 44,000 to 687,000.


Each month Goodyear welcomes new staff members who need to become familiar with the organization. Training and orientation was difficult with no centralized location to access employee information, until May 7, 2007, when Goodyear launched its intranet site, eSite.


eSite provides a single location where all employee forms, documents and policy information can be found. The response from employees was positive, and the goal of providing an easy-to-use resource was achieved. By marketing this tool enthusiastically, the number of visits to eSite continues to increase every month.


eSite was created and is managed by Goodyear’s webmaster, Cathy Hozian.


Judges had high praise for eSite. “This is a solid tool for Goodyear's employees to find internal (and sometimes external) information, forms, recognition, etc., in one

easy-to-access spot. Love the organizational charts that include pictures. Nice graphics throughout. Overall, well-designed and effective (89 percent of survey respondents said they could find information easily). A really well done Descriptive Letter, too, by the way!”



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