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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: Dec. 2, 2008


Goodyear offers trial part-time and shared-position options to current employees


GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (Dec. 2, 2008) – Preserving jobs and avoiding layoffs during these difficult economic times is a challenge. The city of Goodyear is taking steps to reduce its budget and shoulder the fiscal responsibilities of the current economic climate.


Current full-time non-exempt employees (those who are paid on an hourly basis) have the option of electing to participate in one of two trial programs:


Special Part Time Employment Trial Program – Employee would change from Full Time 40-hour per week status to a Special Part Time 20 hours per week.


Shared Positions Trial Program – Two Full-Time non-exempt (hourly) employees may share a full-time position. Each employee would work 20 hours per week, with the combined hours of both employees not to exceed a combined 80 hours total per pay period.


Some employees are not eligible to participate in the trial programs. These include: public safety personnel (Police and Fire), telecommunication operators, supervisors, exempt employees, employees in other positions per manager’s review.


Employees can choose to voluntarily reduce their hours or share a position with another employee, while still retaining their current health insurance coverage. Vacation and sick leave would be available on a prorated basis. Other employee benefits such as tuition reimbursement for classes in which they are currently enrolled, merit/market compensation increase eligibility, and retirement contributions may still be available on a modified basis.


Salaries of employees who opt for either of these trial programs will remain the same as if the employees continued working in the same positions they currently hold. There would be no trial employment period. The salary of an employee who applies to share a position with someone who is paid at a lower or higher salary range than the position he or she currently holds would be adjusted according to the current guideline in the city’s Personnel Policy Manual. Trial periods would also be based on the Personnel Policy Manual.


To obtain permission to be a participant in this program, employees must first discuss the idea with their supervisors. The employee should be prepared to identify how changing to the trial program could be made most effectively, and to identify any impact to existing levels of service. Decisions will be based on the needs of the department and are subject to the discretion of department heads and the City Manager.


All requests to participate in the trial program must be reviewed and approved by the Department Director, the Deputy City Manager and the City Manager. 


Employees may apply to return to full-time status when an opening occurs. Department directors can also reassign employees who switch to either of the trial programs back to full-time employment status if adequate work exists and budget dollars are available.


Both programs are being introduced on a trial basis and will be available through June 30, 2009.



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