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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: July 15, 2009


Desert Dan, Saver of the Last Drop battles to Hold Down Max Usage


In a world where sunshine never ends and rain rarely falls....

Where every drop of water comes at a price....

A tough new hero named Desert Dan is battling to hold down Max Usage, the water-wasting villain


GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (July 15, 2009) Meet the world's greatest adventurer and water conservationist: Desert Dan, Saver of the Last Drop. He's come to Goodyear on a quest to hold down Max Usage, the most notorious water-waster this town has ever seen. Desert Dan needs everyone's help as he works to vanquish Max Usage and save the day as water use peaks this summer.


Up to 70 percent of our water is used outdoors during the summer. The demand for water peaks every year in July and August. Average daily demand soars from a January minimum of four million gallons per day to a peak of more than 10 million gallons per day.


The city of Goodyear is urging its water customers to be efficient during this high-demand time and cut back on the amount of water they use ? especially outdoors.


Here's how customers can help hold down Max Usage this month:


·        Water yards and landscaping every other day using an odd/even schedule. Odd-numbered addresses water on odd-numbered dates; even-numbered addresses water on even-numbered dates.


·        Water only between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Less evaporation at night makes this more efficient than watering during the heat of the day.


·        Turn off irrigation systems when the weather is windy.


·        Leave sprinklers and irrigation systems off for three days after heavy rains.


Reducing water use pays off now and later. In the short term, customers who use water efficiently in the summer pay lower water bills.  It costs the city more to deliver each additional gallon of water when demand peaks. The last few gallons can cost six and a half times more to treat and deliver than the cheapest water. Over time, using lots of expensive water will drive rates up.


Kids can help, too. Desert Dan is recruiting children ages 7 to 14 to be Water Marshals. Sign up and get a free Water Marshal Challenge Kit. Learn how to start saving water today. Sign up online at, or pick up applications and Desert Dan's Water Marshal kits at City Hall, 190 N. Litchfield Road.


Join Desert Dan now, and let's hold down Max Usage!




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