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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: Aug. 13, 2009

Contact:  Nora Fascenelli ? PIO and Media Relations, City of Goodyear

Direct 623-882-7061, Cell 623-695-0846


Timing traffic lights for smoother traffic in Goodyear


GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (Aug. 13, 2009) Goodyear is coordinating traffic signals on several busy streets throughout the city so can travel further at a steady speed without stopping for red lights.


National studies suggest that coordinating adjacent traffic signals or retiming signals to accommodate changes in traffic demands is one of the most economical ways of improving fuel usage, reducing emissions, and enhancing the safety and quality of life for drivers. 


Goodyear is beginning to implement traffic signal coordination on key roadways this week. New traffic signal timing will be rolled out one corridor at a time and fine-tuning of the signal timing will continue throughout the summer and early fall.  Corridors to be coordinated as part of this initial project include:


·         Litchfield Road ? Van Buren Street to Test Drive

·         Litchfield Road ? Wigwam Boulevard to Palm Valley Pavilions

·         PebbleCreek Parkway ? McDowell Road to Harvard Street

·         McDowell Road ? 145th Avenue to Bullard Avenue

·         Estrella Parkway ? Van Buren Street to Roosevelt Street

·         McDowell Road ? Litchfield Road to Palm Valley Cornerstone


When complete, the new signal timing will allow the majority of through-traffic to progress along the major street while traveling steadily at the speed limit. Because priority will given to the heavier traffic demand on the major street, side streets and driveways will have slightly longer waits on their red lights.


Goodyear is also participating in a regional traffic signal coordination program. Recognizing this opportunity to improve traffic flow, the Maricopa County Region created TSOP, the Traffic Signal Optimization Program. Goodyear has teamed up with Avondale and Maricopa County, to receive funding for two corridors:


  • Indian School Road ? Loop 101 to Loop 303
  • MC 85 ? 99th Avenue to Litchfield Road


Additional signal coordination projects are expected this fall. Visit for updates.


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