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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: July 2, 2010



VISTA helps communities help themselves



GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (July 2, 2010) Members of AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), community leaders and Goodyear Neighborhood Services staff are working together to identify needs of local neighborhoods and mobilize communities to help themselves.


Every resident is invited to fill out a Needs Assessment Questionnaire and Personal Skills form, below. With this information, VISTA team members will be able to  understand and address the needs of Goodyear's diverse communities. Results will be shared at Neighborhood and Homeowners' Association meetings later this year and in early 2011.


VISTA members are available to help communities analyze and plan strategies aimed at resolving important neighborhood issues. For information or to schedule a visit with the VISTA team, call Jane Gasch at Neighborhood Services, 623-882-7812.


Work has already begun with the long-established neighborhood alliances of Historic Goodyear and the North Subdivisions, which recently participated in focus groups put together by VISTA and Goodyear Neighborhood Services staff. These residents see a future for their communities that include beautifying neighborhood parks and enhancing landscaping, and organizing small local events like picnics that really celebrate the diversity of each neighborhood.


To make that vision a reality, residents began by setting goals and making plans. There was renewed interest in bringing communities together. Most importantly, residents began boosting community involvement and coordinating events like "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" and "Growing Our Neighborhood" celebrations at Loma Linda Park and Parque de Paz. Residents learned about getting involved in community meetings, what is expected of board members, how Neighborhood Watch programs work, opportunities to raise funds for community improvements, graffiti cleanup, and came up with plans for improving communication.


Goodyear communities have a great opportunity to work together with VISTA team members, city staff, and other community leaders to identify neighborhood needs, and work together to make their communities the best they can be.


Please, complete the questionnaire and form below, print it out and mail to Jane Gasch, Neighborhood Services at the address or email on the form.




Neighborhood Needs Questionnaire

1.       How long have you lived in the neighborhood? ________________________________

2.       Do you own home____________ or rent? _____________

3.       What do you think about your neighborhood as a place to live?

Excellent____________ Good_______________ Needs Improvement_______________

4.       What do you see as challenges in your neighborhood?  Please check as many as apply.

CRIME :   Gangs_____ Auto theft/Break-ins________ Home Break ?ins_______ Other________

PROPERTY UP KEEP:  Graffiti______ Trash_____ Cars in yards _____Inoperable Cars______

                                        Rental Properties_________ Other_______                                                                                                         

STREETS: Street lights_______ Cut through traffic_____ Speeding_____ Street conditions______

COMMUNITY  PROGRAMS:  Need Recreational Programs________ Need Educational Programs_______

Communication between Neighbors__________ Social Services_________ Other__________

5.       If you could focus on one change in your neighborhood, what would it be?_______________________________

Personal Skills

In developing our programs ?to mobilize our Communities to help themselves,? we encourage you to share your personal skills with your neighbors. In sharing skills with each other, we give and receive services that would ordinarily cost money. We can also help beautify our neighborhoods and keep them safe.

Please circle the skills you would like to share with your neighbors:

Carpentry, electrical, writing, painting, designing, gardening, computer, administrative, plumbing

researching information, fundraising\ grants, using tools, entertainment, planning, management, skills, baby sitting, other.                      

Please circle how you would like to volunteer to assist your neighborhood?

Distribute flyers to your neighbors, promote the neighborhood, social activities, grants-\fundraising, landscape beautification, Neighborhood Watch, education of Rules and Regulations of the community, graffiti clean-up.

Please add any other skills you wish to share or any committee you feel could enhance your community.  ________________________________________________________________________________


Address:________________________________________ Zip code:______________________________________

*Phone:_________________________________________ Email:_________________________________________

Name of your Neighborhood, HOA/Alliance______________________________________________________________________


Complete this survey and return by email to Jane Gasch at or Fax 623-882-7949. Surveys can be dropped off in person or mailed to Goodyear City Hall, 190 N. Litchfield Rd. at the southeast corner of Van Buren. Questionnaires can also be completed online


Your form is your entry in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Wildflower Bread Co. or Augie?s Sports Grill on Saturday, October 16  at The VISTA booth during the G.A.I.N. Celebration (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) at Goodyear Ballpark. Winner will be notified at the phone number provided,* above.





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