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From the Mayor - INFOCUS - January/February 2012

As we begin 2012, I find myself considering New Year's resolutions. Around this time of year I tend to feel conflicted: guilt for tasks unfinished, excitement for the future, and gratitude for everything that's good.

Ancient Romans dealt with year-end blues by having a party honoring Janus, a mythical king with two faces. One looked to the past, the other to the future. With both hindsight and foresight, Janus was the symbol of resolution and hope. The Romans closed out the old year by paying debts, asking forgiveness, and resolving problems. They gave one another branches of prized olive trees - a tradition that evolved into making peace by "extending the olive branch" and winning favor by exchanging gifts. Eventually, the image of Janus became the "heads" side of a common Roman coin and part of their everyday economy.

Mayor Georgia Lord
Mayor Georgia Lord

Hints of these old traditions survive today. Looking towards the future, I believe the economy will continue to rally and prosperous businesses will continue to put down roots in Goodyear. There's nothing I'd like better than to be like the mythical king who could see, at once, both the future and the past. However, I'm content to begin 2012 with a sensible dose of foresight, and the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. My New Year's resolution is to learn from the past, to plan for the future, and to embrace the present.

Happy New Year!

Georgia Lord


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