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A Community Outreach Program

From the Regular Meeting of August 22, 2011.

Action Taken

7.A.   Council approved draft minutes of a Regular Meeting and a Special Meeting held on June 27, 2011; and a Regular Meeting held on July 11, 2011.

7.B.   (11-4651) Council adopted Resolution 11-1440 authorizing the City Manager and Chief of Police to execute an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Goodyear and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to participate with the Maricopa County Neighborhood Narcotics Enforcement Team (MCCNET) for salary reimbursement and employer related expenses.

7.C.   (11-4672) Council accepted the dedication of a non-exclusive temporary sewer easement which will convey wastewater from the temporary water chlorination facility to be constructed on Lot No. 373 within Sedella Parcel 2A, generally located at the northwest corner of Citrus Road and Campbell Avenue, within the Sedella Planned Area Development.

7.D.   (11-4676) Council approved the issuance of a Utility Easement to Arizona Public Service Company for Adaman Well Site #2, located west of Sarival Avenue approximately 1/4 mile north of Camelback Road.

7.E.   (11-4677) Council appointed Olivia Shaw as a new member of the Youth Commission to serve a two-year term, expiring on May 31, 2013.

7.F.   (11-4675) Council appointed Michael D. Stewart, as citizen representative to the Police and Fire Public Safety Personnel Retirement Boards, for a four year term, ending October 10, 2015.

7.G.   (11-4656) Council approved purchase of a Unified Communications System including phones, switches & software to provide the ability to integrate voice, video and voicemail from Black Box Network Services in the amount of $979,285.00 utilizing a State of Arizona cooperative contract EPS060043-32-A3.

7.H.   (11-4673) Council adopted Resolution 11-1443 accepting  the dedication of real property by Jeff Jacobs and Linda Jacobs; granting Jeff Jacobs and Linda Jacobs a non-exclusive sewer line easement; authorizing City Manager or his designee to take all actions and to execute all documents necessary to carry out the intent of the resolution; and establishing an effective date.

8.A.   (11-4679) Council adopted Resolution 11-1444 opposing the expansion of prison beds at ASPC-Perryville; authorizing City Manager or his designee to take all actions and to execute all documents necessary to carry out the intent of the Resolution; and establishing an effective date.

8.B.   (11-4670)  Council postponed to September 12, 2011, adopting Resolution 11-1442 declaring as a public record that certain document filed with the City Clerk titled "Amendment to Chapter 7 of the Goodyear City Code adding Article 7-4: Animals at Large," and,

        2. Ordinance 11-1247 amending Chapter 7 of the Goodyear City Code by adding Article 7-4 (Animals at Large); providing for penalties; severability; and an effective date.

Goodyear City Council

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Vice Mayor Osborne


Joe Pizzillo


Sheri Lauritano


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Bill Stipp




       Future Meetings


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Regular Meeting

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This is a representation of the Council Meeting. Full Minutes are available in the Clerk's Office within 72 hours of the meeting.


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